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SRB Productions' Tuck Everlasting is safely operating under the San Mateo and Santa Clara county COVID-19 tier system and pod regulations thereof. Using the social bubble principle, SRB Productions' Tuck Everlasting will be performed and recorded without face masks or face shields and with no live audience present. Facility staff of the Eastside College Preparatory Theater will follow strict mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines.

Every member of the production, including, but not limited to, cast, crew, and creative team, is subject to the following decrees:

  • Fourteen day shelter-in-place prior to April 5th, tech week and performances. Indoor gatherings with those outside a member's household are prohibited. Each member will undergo daily virtual health screenings for symptoms, outlined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and will immediately report any signs of sickness.

  • Each member will undergo the COVID-19 test before both tech week and performances with a visual proof of the test's negativity required. The two tests will be seven or more days apart. Under the circumstance that any member of the production or a person constituted in their household tests positive for COVID-19, SRB Productions' Tuck Everlasting will be immediately and temporarily shut down.

  • Actors will only remove their face masks when performing onstage. Otherwise, masks will be required at all times and locations, including rehearsal on the stage.

The auditorium house section, stage (and wings), dressing rooms, technical booth, electronic fixtures and consoles, and countertops, will be disinfected and sanitized before and after every rehearsal and performance.

If you have any questions about our COVID-19 protocols, please contact us here:

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