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The director would like to extend her deepest thanks to the following people and organizations...


Yana Vaks —

for being an amazing medical resource and keeping the cast, crew, and creative team safe by ensuring the safest approach for our production process.


Brian Belding —

for managing our production, ensuring smooth communication between the cast and creative team, and solidifying our opportunity to perform.

Katie Belding —

for being our production mom and arranging and securing so many costumes, props, technical elements, and more.


for immensely helpful equipment consultation and for ensuring the best quality for our recording.

Val Zvinyatskovsky —

for providing countless technical, artistic, and project management hours, above and beyond what anyone could imagine. 

Anna Sieben —

for leading the endless hours of choreography rehearsal.

Aeryn Taylor 

For running our live shows with flair and for always inputing full enthusiasm, ambition, and energy into all of the work he does.

Shirit Einav 

For spearheading the effort to keep our show alive during moments of uncertainty of safety and for playing a key role in filming the show.

Drew Colace 

For bringing his technology expertise to our team and for recording our show with precision and quality.

Julie Weinstein 

For fighting and winning the battle against the microphones and for making sure our show sounds the best it could.

Maya Segal & Yonnatan Brutman 

For stepping in at the last moment to help out with dressing and lighting and always maintaining a diligent work ethic.

Tuck Paint Team 

Ash and Tessa Prodromou, Alex Cohen, Jessica Wallack-Cohen, Marlo Lewis, and Julie Weinstein for bringing beautiful color to our sets and props and enhancing the visual factor of the show.

Pam Prodromou —

For lending us your magnificent painting skills and keeping the cast and crew fed throughout tech week and performances.

Ellie Lucas —

For assisting with the show's wardrobe by channeling a strong costume-making talent.

Loryn Hatten and Kiyoshi Egami —

For helping strengthen our approach to safe production.

Sylvia Gray —

for letting us borrow beautiful antiques.

Eastside College Preparatory —

for lending us their incredible theatrical space. Special thanks to principal Chris Bischof, Amy Conners, and Anne Carpenter.

Willows Neighbors —

for allowing us to sing, dance, act, and be so loud overall during our evening rehearsals in the Belding driveway.

Notre Dame de Namur Theatre Department —

for providing so many gorgeous costumes.

School for Independent Learners —

for their constant support and encouragement. Special thanks to principal Richard Gowers and the staff at SIL.

Peninsula Youth Theatre and the Young Actors' Theatre Camp —

for the endless instruction, support, and guidance over the years.


Joan Lewis • Katrina Currier • Christine Tanona • Amy Westfall  Lara Cardamone • Ellen & Sophia Siminoff • Yana Vaks

Toni & Bob Portillo • Shirit Einav • Sharon McKenzie

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